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      东莞市 恩德森灯饰有限公司始于2009年,是一家集研发、生产、销售、服务于 一体的综合型照明企业。2017年以前 全部以出口为主,公司通 过一系列的质量体系认证,产品认证,安全安规测试,通过引 入工匠技术与理念设计为现代照明先驱企业。2017年公司 成立东莞恩德森子公司,中山分厂,深圳分公司,武汉分公司,凭借卓越的研发团队,完善的营销管理体系,开放民主的企业文化,超值的 优良产品成为室内照明解决方案提供者,并成立“恩达信”品牌,灯芯独 具恩达信为您照亮。

Anderson lighting is always pursuing its goal to create more natural and more controllablemodern lighting products based on environmental protection by introducing leading technology andprofessional design into illuminations area.

With a outstanding team, perfect management, excellent quality, on-time delivery and services,in fact, we have been recognized by different authoritative organizations of quality control beingawarded CE, GS, RoHS; In future, we will go on developing more favorable lamps, to be one of thepioneers in the lighting area.

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Dongguan endersen lighting co. LTD.

Contact: manager wang xuemei.

Telephone: 0769-22301135

Hand machine: 13825759826

Address: no. 7, baisha square road, humen, dongguan, guangdong.


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